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Psychological Services: 

Anxiety Spectrum Disorders


Concussion Assessment





Head Injury

Mild Cognitive Impairment


Psychological / Neuropsychological Testing

​Sports Performance Enhancement

Act 235 Examinations


Act 120 Examinations



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In addition to providing more traditional psychological services, our practice specializes in providing neuropsychological and psychological assessment in a variety of medical settings throughout Erie and Northwest Pennsylvania. These include acute medical and rehabilitation hospitals and skilled nursing units. We service trauma victims including assessment, therapy and behavioral interventions through UPMC Hamot and Healthsouth of Erie. Our clients are often diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, stroke, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer dementia , multiple sclerosis and other conditions requiring a thorough neuropsychological assessment and followup psychopharmalogical and behavioral interventions. We are also consulted by physicians to provide services to those diagnosed with diabetes and related chronic  conditions. We are quite active in providing consultation for concussion assessment with local high school and college athletes and their coaches utilizing the Impact program.  


Psychological Interventions


Those in distress are often looking for help and seek out assistance to relieve their emotional distress. Northshore utilizes a broad range of cognitive and behavioral interventions designed to reduce stress and work toward an improved level of psychological functioning. Individual therapy is a private, confidential consultation with a psychologist to review your specific problem and develop a plan of action. Our practice has a strong medical focus and as a result we work closely with many individuals struggling with depression, anxiety and similar conditions, often for the first time in their lives. If left untreated, the emotional aftermath can be devastating for those diagnosed and their caregivers and families. As psychologists and licensed professional counselors, we are trained to provide a variety of interventions found to be effective including cognitive and behavioral therapies for those who prefer to avoid medication or maximize the benefit of medication. These sessions often focus on developing a plan of action which includes stress and anxiety management techniques which can vary somewhat based on the psychologist and the unique needs of the individual in treatment.




Northshore provides a range of assessment services including general psychological and neuropsychological testing. Psychological testing is usually performed to determine such questions as diagnosis, sources of conflict, level or extent of anxiety or depression or to assess a person’s coping resources. Neuropsychological testing involves a depth assessment of thinking skills and abilities such as attention, language, memory, visuospatial and reasoning commonly affected by TBI, stroke and dementia.

Northshore also provides specialty assessments such as pre-surgical assessments for DBS, Bariatric, and various intrathecal pump application.  Additional evaluations offered include ImPACT concussion testing, Act 235 Lethal Weapons evaluations, Act 120 Municipal Police evaluations and fitness for duty evaluations.


Sport Psychology


Northshore Psychological Associates has professionals trained in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology. Sport psychology has gained increased popularity in the past few decades. People often hear references to professional and elite amateur athletes as “working with a Sport Psychologist.” However, a broader definition of sport psychology now includes Exercise and Performance Psychology. We will explore those below.   


Northshore psychologists have helped athletes and “performers” enhance mental skills in most every sport and every “skill area” that you can imagine.  We have worked with grade school, high school, college, and professional athletes, and our work has been with individuals, and also team consultations.  We also work with “post school” athletes at both amateur and elite levels of sport.  

Some sport areas (individual and teams) we have worked with include swimmers, (short and long distance), divers, golfers, football, hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball, lacrosse, track and field, cross country, marathon runners, triathletes, ultramarathon participants, archers, shooters, equestrians, motocross racers, race car drivers, cheerleaders, and most other sport participants that one could imagine.  In fact, Northshore psychology was proud to work with the fastest man and then woman to ever swim Lake Erie, and one who set the world record twice! 


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