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Post Doctoral Residency Program: 

The Residency program is a full-time (40hr/week), 12 month position that typically begins and ends mid-August each year. Depending on their goals and performance, Resident/fellows have the option of and may be afforded the opportunity for a second year of residency.


Northshore Psychological Associates (NPA) is a large psychology group practice, founded in 1998.  Initially, NPA was one component of a larger, multidisciplinary practice encompassing Psychology, Neurology and Physiatry.  In 2015 the medical group affiliated with the UPMC health system while NPA chose to maintain its independence.  Because of our commitment to the advancement of professional psychology and training, NPA founded, in conjunction with UPMC Safe Harbor Behavioral Health, the Erie Psychology Consortium, a doctoral internship program centered here in Erie Pennsylvania.  The consortium was accredited by APA in 2003 and was discontinued in 2021.  However, since 2010, we have regularly offered the opportunity for one or two year postdoctoral experiences for exceptional students who have completed our internship and have shown interest.  This has led to the institution of the formal residency/fellowship program here at NPA.


Consistent  with the Houston Conference model, the neuropsychology residency/fellowship provides a balance of consultation, intervention and assessment of the full range of neurobehavioral disorders including dementia, acute confusional states, attentional disorders, aphasic disorders, and other focal brain disorders. Common clinical populations include traumatic brain injury, primary dementias, seizure disorders, Parkinson’s / pre-DBS implantation, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, stroke, learning disabilities, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, pseudoneurologic and somatoform disorders and medico-legal referrals. The majority of referrals come from family practice physicians, psychiatry, neurology, the local VA Medical center as well as other local psychologists.


At Northshore, we are committed to the concept of excellence in training within a multidisciplinary training program. Resident/fellows work in close collaboration with staff members and perform many of the same responsibilities.  As per regulations by the Pennsylvania State Board of psychology, resident/fellows will receive a minimum of two hours per week of individual supervision from licensed psychologists until such time as they become licensed.  It is expected that Resident/fellows will pursue and achieve licensure during their training, typically by the end of the first year. Subsequent to the granting of licensure, the Resident/fellow will continue to receive supervision and oversight by the primary and delegated supervisors.


Although the primary focus of the residency/fellowship is in the area of neuropsychology, Resident/fellows have the option of completing an alternate training track. Specializations can be created based on the Resident/fellow’s interests and career goals in collaboration with the Training Director. An example of such specialization includes medical/health psychology.


Resident/fellows will receive a benefits package including malpractice insurance, medical insurance and retirement options.  The anticipated stipend is $ 30,000 for the residency year 2023-2024.  The resident/fellow will also receive accrued time for vacation, holidays, sick care, continuing education and other uses consistent with the Post Doctoral Resident Employment Agreement. The resident/fellow is also eligible for participation in the North Shore Group Health and Dental Plans as well as  the 401(k) retirement plan.  Once licensed, they will be considered resident psychologists and will be offered a new contract recognizing their status as licensed professionals with additional training opportunities which is reflected in a change in the stipend.


Interested applicants should send a cover letter, copy of their CV, and two letters of recommendation from their internship training director and/or internship supervisors to: Dr. McAleer- Director of Training

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