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A Guide for Families dealing with Dementia
Don McAleer with State Rep. John Evans
Sports Concussions and Psychology
Helping Families dealing with Dementia
Emerging Trends in Psychology

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Podcasts:   Dr. Jon Glass Ph.D., MSCP

Neuropsychological Services in Nursing Homes.  In this podcast, Dr. Glass discusses the need for and benefit of psychological services provided to residents in skilled care facilities such as nursing homes.


Podcasts:   Dr. Donald McAleer Psy.D. 

Ethics education and Vignette analysis.  This podcast, done through the Ethics and Psychology website, discusses various components of ethics education / training particularly as it applies to psychologists in training. With moderator, Dr. John Gavazzi, Dr. McAleer and intern Reneh Karaminahs analyze a clinical vignette.


Critical Incidents and Psychologist's Safety.  This podcast, done through the Ethcis and Psychology website, discusses the balance between psychologist's duty to serve their patients and to do no harm yet at the same time maintain their personal safety. The goal of the podcast is to start a discussion for psychologists and mental health professionals about potential dangers for mental health professionals and some options to help keep them safe. With moderator Dr. John Gavazzi, guests include Dr. Don McAleer, psychologist, gun owner, firearms instructor, firearm collector; Massad Ayoob, an international firearms and self-defense instructor, expert in lethal force encounters and shooting cases, and author; and, Dr. Shannon Clark, psychologist, FBI agent, active shooter response instructor, and lifelong martial artist.

Ethics and skills for Psychologist as Supervisor- Post Doctoral Supervision-  3 Part Series.  This podcast, done through the Ethcis and Psychology website, is a three part series (Episodes 21-23) discussing the skills and ethical issues surrounding supervision, including the Pennsylvania State Board of Psychology’s Regulations dealing with postdoctoral supervision. The workshop will review the basic requirements for ethical supervision, common pitfalls, and give supervisors an understanding of the requirements that must be met for obtaining post-doctoral supervision. In addition to the traditional audio podcast format, this link includes additional links to power point slides, video and forms and resources for supervisors. With moderator Dr. John Gavazzi, guests for podcast 23 include Drs. Don McAleer and Samuel Knapp.

Podcasts:   Dr. Mark Hogue Psy.D. 

True Character: A Conversation with Dr. Mark Hogue.  Dr. Hogue has helped physically gifted athletes and performers intentionally develop the inner character that separates good from great and great from elite. These principles apply to anyone focused on building the best version of themselves and living their best life.

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