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Cheryl Burns

1st  Year Psychology Resident


Cheryl Burns is a second year postdoctoral resident at Northshore Neurosciences. Originally a Pittsburgh native, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from La Roche University, her Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology from Chatham University, and graduated from Fielding Graduate University with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, with a neuropsychology concentration. During her doctoral education, she completed clinical training through UPMC in pediatric neuropsychology and forensic assessment, UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital in dual disorders, and the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) in dementia care. She completed her doctoral residency training through the Erie Psychological Consortium, APA accredited, with specialized training at Encompass Health of Erie, Safe Harbor Behavioral Health, and Northshore Neurosciences. She was also employed during her doctoral education as a Research Principal at UPMC, conducting assessments through several grant-funded studies on cognitive outcomes of neonatal withdrawal and long-term neurocognitive outcomes of acute respiratory failure in early childhood, of which she has been published in JAMA as a co-author. Additionally, she has worked in the counseling field for over 20 years, providing treatment in addiction and recovery, trauma, and marital therapy.
In her postdoctoral residency, Dr. Burns is focusing on acquiring additional training in neuropsychological assessment, diagnosis, and psychotherapeutic treatment, particularly with adults and geriatric individuals who are experiencing cognitive changes related to dementia and other neurological conditions. She also desires to gain specialized training in forensic assessment, completing ACT 120 & ACT 235 examinations. She is a member of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, and the International Neuropsychological Society. 


Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA                                2022

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology Concentration

Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA                               2015

M.A., Clinical  Psychology

Chatham University, Pittsburgh,

PA                                               2010

M.S., Counseling Psychology

La Roche College, Pittsburgh      2000

B.S, Psychology



Professional Affiliations, Designations: 

Pennsylvania Psychological Association

International Neuropsychological Society

American Psychological Association


Professional Experience:


2020- 2022   Northshore Psychological Associates



2019-2020  Erie Psychology Consortium

Doctoral Intern

2011-2022  North Way Christian Counseling Center   Wexford, PA


2014 - 2020  UPMC, Traumatic Brain Injury Program and Clinical Neuropsychology       Pittsburgh.

Research Principal


2017-2018, University of Pittsburgh – Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center,       Pittsburgh, PA 

Practicum Student

2012-2013 and 2016   UPMC – Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, Pittsburgh, PA

Practicum Student

2013 - 2014  UPMC, Traumatic Brain Injury Program and Clinical Neuropsychology       Pittsburgh.

Practicum Student

Research Experience:


2016-2022   Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA 

Dissertation: Body Image and Relational Satisfaction Among Same-Sex Couples


2012-2017 Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA  Research Practica


2014 - 2017  Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, UPMC, Pittsburgh PA

Research Externship

Publications: (Selected)


Schermer, T. & Burns, C. (in progress). Body Image and Relational Satisfaction Before and After     Marriage: A Q-Study. [Data Analysis]

Watson, R.S., Beers, S.R., Asaro, L.A., Burns, C.,Koh, M.J.,  Perry, M.A., Angus, D.C.,Wypij, D., & Curley, M.A.Q. (2022). Association of acute respiratory failure in early childhood with long-term     neurocognitive outcomes. JAMA 327(9), 836-845. https//:doi:10.1001/jama.2022.1480.

Fink, E.L., Beers, S.R., Houtrow, A.J., Richichi, R., Burns, C., Doughty, L., Ortiz-Aguayo, R., Madurski, C.A., Valenta, C., Chrisman, M., Golightly, L., Kiger, M., Patrick, C., Treble-Barna, A., Pollon, D., Smith, C.M., Kochanek, P. (2019). Early protocolized versus usual care rehabilitation for pediatric     neurocritical care patients: A randomized controlled trial. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 20(6), 540-550.

Pasek, T.A., Burns, C., Treble-Barna, A., Ortiz-Aguayo, R., Kochanek, P.M., Houtrow, A.J., Beers, S.R., & Fink, E.L. (2019). Important outcomes for parents of critically ill children. Critical Care Nurse,     39(3), 74-79.

Curley, M.A.Q., Watson, R.W., Cassidy, A.M., Burns, C., Delinger, R.L., Angus, D.C., Asaro, L.A., Wypij, D.,  Beers, S.R. (2018). Design and rationale of the “Sedation strategy and cognitive outcome after     critical illness in early childhood” study. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 72, 8-15.

Presentations: (Selected)


Burns, C. (2021, January). Personality Inventories: Who are the New Players?. Erie Psychological     Consortium, Erie PA. 


Badaly, D., Burns, C., Ceschin, R., Lee, V.K., Sulaiman, S., Zahner, A., Gruss, M., Beers, S.R., Lo, C.W.,     Panigrahy, A. (2019, February). Cerebellar and Prefrontal Structures Associated with Executive     Functioning in Children and Adolescents with Congenital Heart Defects. International     Neuropsychological Society Conference, New York, NY.

Madurski, C., Beers, S.R., Houtrow, A.J., Smith, C., Doughty, L., Feldman, K., Richichi, R., Burns, C., Rubin,     P., Zhou, A., Benken, L., Krallman, K., Stanger, M., Orringer, M., Ortiz-Aguayo, R., Valenta, C.,     Pollon, D., Kochanek, P.M., Fink, E.L. (2019, February). Serum Biomarker Relationships with     Functional Impairment Following Acute Pediatric Brain Injury. Society for Critical Care Medicine     Critical Care Congress, San Diego, CA.

Schermer, T.W., & Burns, C. (2014, November). Body Image and Satisfaction Before and After Marriage:     Implications for Counseling. Pennsylvania Counseling Association Conference, State College, PA. 

Burns, C. & Enciso, S. (2010, October). The Struggles of Non-Traditional Counseling Students: Predictors     of Coping with Stress. Pennsylvania Counseling Association Conference, State College, PA.

Burns, C. (2016, January). Cultural Sensitivity in Neuropsychological Assessment. University of Pittsburgh     Medical Center, Traumatic Brain Injury Program and Clinical Neuropsychology, Pittsburgh, PA. 

Burns, C. (2013, April). What Messages are You Sending? Getting lost in Countertransference and     Compassion Fatigue. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Western Psychiatric Institute and     Clinic, Pittsburgh, PA. 

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